Fresh air, sunshine, and grass. That’s the difference. Our chickens is raised in a mobile shelter that are moved every single day to a fresh patch of pasture. The shelter allows for airflow and ample sunlight while still protecting the birds from adverse weather and predators. On top of the sun and fresh air is the daily buffet of fresh insects, seeds, and vegetation for the chickens to forage on. They love it. We know so because the birds line up at the front of the coop in the morning, eager for the daily move’s fresh buffet.

Chicken is available whole or by the cut.

  • Whole chickens are between 3 and 4.5 pounds, and cost $4.25/pound

  • Wing packages include 10 wings, average about 2 pounds total, and cost $4.50/pound - SOLD OUT

  • Leg packages include 4 legs, average 1 pound total, and cost $5.25/pound

  • Thigh packages include 2 thighs, average 2.1 pounds total, and cost $6.25/pound - SOLD OUT

  • Boneless breast packages include 2 breasts, average 1 pound total, and cost $9.99/pound - SOLD OUT

We will deliver poultry orders over $50. Don’t forget we have pasture-raised eggs too!

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