Our Story

Gander + Goose is a seventh-generation farm in Chilton, Wisconsin where farmers Austin and Kristen Pethan grow produce and pasture-raised meats. With the help of their two young daughters, Ari and Nina, The Pethan Family spends their days much like their livestock do: breathing fresh air in the pasture, playing in the dirt and soaking up sunshine. The Pethan’s were drawn to life on the farm to raise their family on deliciously fresh and ethically raised meat and produce. It is with these values that they would be honored to grow the food for your family’s table.



Kristen loves when food tells a story: the sungold picked that afternoon by the hands of her daughters, the meat raised tenderly on grass and sunshine, the pickles canned with generations-old recipes. As a mama bear, Kristen is committed to sharing with you the same sustainably raised, organically-minded produce and meats that nourish her family. Kristen is drawn to the creative aspects of agriculture, the long hours in the dirt and cultivating a love of the land in her children. Most of all, Kristen is pulled to farming through her father’s encouragement to be “out-standing in her field”.

Kristen loves to get her hands dirty, so when she’s not on the farm, she is on the path to becoming a Midwife working as a both homebirth assistant in the NE Wisconsin region as well as student wrapping up her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. It is this nurturing of the visceral- sacredness of life that enchants Kristen to birth and to the land.


Austin is in love with the idea of “stewardship.” This love first started simmering while working on burnt out and abused landscapes in southern Wisconsin. Here he worked with torch and chainsaw to restore vigor and diversity to land that had seen better days. His vision of ecological restoration gradually changed from trying to recreate a landscape that was similar to pre-European settlement, to one that was simply productive, beautiful, and devoid of neglect. He believes that to farm is to be a steward of the collective whole’s land, water, and air.

Luckily for Austin, most of the things he likes to do in his free time are also things required to keep a farm running (mechanical work, carpentry). When he does sit down (Winter), he immensely enjoys reading. His two favorite authors are Edward Abbey and Wendell Berry.